Voids in your concrete below the surface can wreak havoc on your driveway, patio or sidewalk. Animals can set up their home underneath it, the concrete can crack and sink into the hole beneath, and a structure can be seriously weakened by a concrete void.

Voids are often caused by unstable soil underneath. Alberta’s freeze-thaw climate puts soil through a lot every year, and this can cause the dirt to compact, shift or wash away, leaving a void. Leaking or broken utilities can also erode the foundation beneath the concrete, or the concrete could have been incorrectly poured in the first place. Poor maintenance of the concrete can also cause voids; if cracks are not addressed when they appear water can seep into the foundation and erode it.

TCB Foam Solutions uses polyurethane foam to fill voids in the concrete. It expands under the surface, lifting sunken concrete back into place and ensuring a level surface. Polyurethane foam is water-resistant and efficient, and a more long-term solution than mudjacking. Foam cures quickly and is fairly un-invasive, allowing homeowners and business owners to return to normal use of the concrete pad faster than with other methods.

Sunken driveways and broken concrete pads can cause tripping hazards, cause damage to vehicles, and look unsightly. Let the professionals at TCB Foam Solutions bring their expertise to your next concrete lifting, void filling, concrete sealing, or soil stabilization project.

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