Sunken concrete pad

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting in Alberta (also called concrete levelling) is necessary for many reasons. Alberta has unique challenges when it comes to concrete because of the unstable foundation on which concrete is poured. There are many reasons why a foundation may not be of an ideal quality such as different types and densities of soils but also temperature and moisture changes. These ever-changing properties impact the way your concrete lays. In addition to the soil simply settling over time, other factors can take a toll on your concrete such as poor compaction, water, and inadequate drainage.

Soil Stabilization

When concrete is poured on unstable ground, it can allow for roads and highways to rapidly deteriorate. This decline invites water flow/pooling under the concrete causing heaving during the cold winter months. Soil stabilization is a great option to remedy these issues. By using a dynamic cone penetrometer soil is analyzed to evaluate strength and weakness areas and at what depths. After this is identified, rods are inserted either through the slab or into the soil to desired depths. Once this is complete a hydrophobic/hydro-insensitive, plural component, polymeric MDI-based polymer is injected creating a tree root-like structure stabilizing the soil.

Home with Soil Stabilization Issues
Concrete with Void Issues

Void Filling

When your home is originally built the various soils can go through a tumultuous experience of mixing, moving, displacement and shifting. For that reason, it could take years for the soils to properly settle in. Improperly compacted soils experience settling and erosion and often cause large voids. Voids commonly attract unwanted pests that can build a home under a concrete slab like mice, squirrels, skunks and even wasps. After pests have settled in, they can tunnel and burrow creating an even bigger void. Once a void has formed under a concrete slab it loses a lot of support which jeopardizes the integrity of the cement pad. This could ultimately cause it to fail and fall into the void leaving you with a much larger problem than just a void.

Crack Repair

Concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios are prone to cracking. This is typically caused by the poor soil condition under the slab. These cracks are not just unsightly but also allow for water to seep beneath the slab. This can cause the soil to wash out further causing more sinking slabs and further cracking. Alberta’s notorious freeze-thaw weather creates opportunities for seeped water to heave the concrete and open up the cracks.

To prevent further issues with cracks, they need to be sealed. A homeowner can go to their local hardware store and buy the urethane caulking to “do it yourself”. Unfortunately, those products dry out and crack leaving you with the original problem of an open crack allowing moisture in. TCB Foam Solutions uses commercial-grade sealant and is carefully applied by our trained technicians.

Cracked Sidewalk