Concrete might be among the hardest building materials but it’s also extremely common to see cracked slabs at a home or business. This can be caused by a variety of things, including unstable soil beneath the concrete, a bad original pour, and the never-ending freeze-thaw cycle in Alberta.

Concrete can be lifted in a variety of ways but the best way is done by injecting polyurethane foam beneath the surface. The foam expands to fill gaps and quickly lift the sunken concrete. The work can be done in just a few hours, it’s more eco-friendly than other options, and will not degrade over time if exposed to water.

It might be tempting to ignore a sunken slab but here are five reasons not to do that:

  1. Safety. This is hands-down the most important reason to lift sinking slabs. A cracked and sunken slab can cause people to trip and fall, and you as a homeowner could be held liable for any injuries. This is true for driveways, sidewalks, parking slabs, and any other slab of concrete on your property.
  2. Curb appeal and home value. A sunken slab is unsightly for visitors and residents alike. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon, you want it to look its best. And if you’re selling your home? It’s even more important to present it in the best light.
    In addition to curb appeal, you don’t want to cause further damage when addressing the cracks. Having a slab entirely replaced means demolition of the existing slab, which can destroy landscaping. Injecting polyurethane foam doesn’t involve demolition at all! This will keep your gardens, lawn, and other landscaping intact.
  3. Preventing water damage. Cracked, broken and sunken slabs are one of the main culprits when it comes to water damage. Allowing water to seep beneath a slab can cause dangerous voids, washed out soil, and even more damage to the concrete. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the worse it will be and the more expensive it will be to address in the future.
  4. Preventing structural damage. It’s not just the slab that you need to worry about. While a cracked driveway doesn’t always mean that the foundation is also cracked, it can begin to cause structural damage to your home if it’s not fixed. If the foundation is weakened, it can cause a chain reaction that leads to cracked walls, floor separation, and more.
  5. Saving money. Concrete lifting using polyurethane foam is much less expensive than replacing a slab entirely. Additionally, polyurethane foam is a lot more durable than other ways of lifting concrete, so the fix will last far longer than do-it-yourself options or mudjacking.

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