If your driveway or concrete slab is sinking, it can seem like an impossible fix, or if it’s possible, it will cost a fortune. Neither one of those things is true, but it’s also important to address a sinking slab as soon as you can to prevent even bigger problems.

Obviously the biggest concern for homeowners is that a cracked slab means that the foundation of the house is also cracked but that’s generally not the case. Concrete slabs are poured entirely separately from a house’s foundation and the reasons behind a sunken driveway or patio (shifting soil, freeze-thaw cycles, voids beneath the concrete, improperly poured foundation, etc.) are not going to equally affect a home’s foundation.

One word of caution; if you do not fix the cracked and sinking slab near your home it can eventually cause trouble with the foundation as the concrete is now sloping toward your house instead of away from it as it should be. This can cause water to pool instead of draining properly.

So, now you know that your slab is sinking and it’s possible to fix it without spending your life savings. What do you do next?

Call us! TCB Foam Solutions offers a range of services to address sunken slabs, using an innovative process of injecting polyurethane foam under the existing slab to fix/level uneven concrete. Foam is durable, waterproof and cures quickly, while also being more eco-friendly than other options or replacing the slab entirely.

Let the professionals at TCB Foam Solutions bring their expertise to your next concrete lifting, void filling, concrete sealing, or soil stabilization project. Contact us today at 587-337-3353 or estimating@tcbfoamsolutions.com.